Upcoming Shows!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 by Dan Drysdale | Uncategorized

November 24 - Red Papaya 2pm

This show will be packed to best come early to get a seat. Call time for performers is 1:30

Here are the acts in no particular order:

Gabby Santin
Twice Removed: Rowan, Cole, Theo, Shayne
Keira Roberts
Sierra Giron
Zach & Thomas
Carmen Armstrong
Klara Van Der Zalm
Dominik Van Der Zalm
The Tentacles: Dylan, David, Noah, Daniel
Rowan Dixon-McCoy
Ultralight Symphony: Avalon, Jacob, Tori, Katie
Drastic Measures: Trae, Shannon, Josh, with Steve Thoms
Eleven 11: Mathew, Nicholas, Brooke, Carlan
Anika Gal
House Band: Thomas, Kieran, Jacob
Jazz Band: Josh, Carlan
The Day After Yesterday: Cassie, Jane
Meddling Kids: Sam, Max, Dexter, Sebastian
Royal Cross: Brady, Daniel, Kenzo, Jagger
MFMC: Jacob, Jack, Adriaan, Remmy
Band of Bills: Anthony, Lola, Matthew, Thomas
The Arrowheads

JamSchool Adult Student Showcase

The Adult Student Showcase will be a licensed event on December 14 at Hanlon Creek Theatre.

December Holiday Showcase

We will be running our yearly Holiday Showcase and food drive on December 15 and 16 at the Hanlon Creek Theatre. Stay tuned for details on these shows.