Private Lessons: From September to January 31 st , students will be granted a maximum of 2 private lesson cancellation/rescheduling with proper notice. From February 1 st to June 30 th , students will be granted a maximum of 2 private lesson cancellation/rescheduling with proper notice. Make-up lessons must be booked before the end of each of these terms; unused cancellations cannot be carried forward to the next term. After the allowable cancellations/rescheduling have been used up, all remaining classes must be paid for, and no more make-up lessons are possible. These cancellations will be made up at an agreed upon day and time.

Please Note: After March 31 st , all students are committed through June 30 th and cannot drop out of private lessons.

To cancel a private lesson: 24hrs notice is required in order to cancel a private lesson using this online student portal, if you miss the 24hr online deadline, you have the following option:

**We will only accept a phone call or phone message as notification up to 12:00 pm sharp on the day of the lesson, (Monday to Friday). Saturday cancellations must be called in by 6 pm Friday evening. Please do not email or contact teachers directly. No refunds will be issued for missed or cancelled lessons at any time. Please be prepared to book the makeup class over the phone at the time of cancelling with appropriate notice.

Stat Holidays: If your lesson day falls on a statutory holiday indicated on our school calendar, you will be issued an extra make up credit at the beginning of the month the holiday falls in. You will have 30 days to book the makeup class online or over the phone *Please note that Christmas and New Year’s break is already factored into the monthly lesson fees and there will be no make-up lessons given for this time off.

How to book a “Make-Up Lesson”: Once issued a make up credit you can book any one of the available “make-up lesson slots” shown on the calendar through your customer portal by clicking on the appointment and clicking the register button. You may also call the school to arrange a make up time over the phone. All make up credits expire 30 days after the date of the cancelled class.

Group / Band Lessons: No Cancellations are possible by “Group Lesson” students. Any classes canceled by JamSchool staff due to unforeseen circumstances will be made-up at a later date. We ask that members of bands attend all classes and are on time. Students that continue to miss classes or are late may be asked to leave the band or group. We take these classes very seriously and hope that you make them a priority. Please keep the weekend of June 21, 22, 23, 2019 open to perform at the JamBoree . Please note that group classes which fall on statutory holidays (excluding Christmas break) will be rescheduled and made up by the group instructor. Up to two alternate times will be offered for a make up class and at a time that the majority of the group can attend will be booked. A significant amount of work and effort is put in by students, teachers, and management to deliver a compelling and rewarding music and performance experience. For this reason, students are expected to be committed to the band/group programs through to June 30, 2019.

Bad Weather Days: JamSchool does not follow the Guelph School boards’ closure decisions, and will only close the school under extreme weather conditions. We will send an email to all clients and leave a phone message on our phone system by 2 PM if we are closed. Please call 519-763-8526 to check. Lessons missed due to bad weather will be issued a make up lesson credit. To book a make-up lesson due to a bad weather day, please follow the “How to book a make-up lesson procedure”

Instructors: JamSchool reserves the right to use substitute instructors when needed. Any class canceled by JamSchool will be made up at an agreed upon time.

Stopping Lessons (You must call the office for this option - 519-763-8526): If you would like to discontinue lessons, we require a minimum of 2 (two) weeks’ notice and require that you finish out the month that you are currently in. To cancel lessons please call the office and request a withdrawal from lessons form. Fill out, sign, and return the form via email or in person to our Hanlon Creek office before the end of the last month of lessons. Failure to notify us in the correct manner will result in payment being required for the following month. No lessons can be refunded at any time. After March 31 st , all students are committed through to June 30 th, 2019. If starting lessons in April, or May, you will be committed to the end of June after your first month of lessons.



September   1-3 - No Lessons
September 4th   - School opens: Welcome back   students !
October 8 -   Closed - Thanksgiving- ( make up lessons   apply)
December 22   - Last Day of Classes for 2018
December 24   to January 1 - School Closed (no   make ups )
January 2 -   School opens - 2019 Semester Starts
February 18   -Closed - Family Day - ( make up lessons   apply)
April 19 -   Closed - Good Friday - (make up lessons   apply)
May 20 -   Closed - Victoria Day - (make up   lessons apply)
June 22, 23   - JamBoree - School Closed (no make ups )
June 29 – Last   day of Winter/Spring term
June 30/July   1- School Closed
July 2 -   Summer Semester Starts
August 3-5   - School Closed
August 30 -   Last day of Summer Semester
August 31 –   School Closed